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Crostata lavanda e frangipane profumata all’arancia


D’accordo, il frangipane è territorio di Lucina. Ce ne sono di ricettine frangipane nel nostro sito! Ecco la mia allora. Mi sono ispirata a una vecchia ricetta di Colazione da Jo, cambiandola secondo le mie esigenze e usando questa variante di pasta frolla leggera, con metà dose di burro che io amo molto e mettendoci la mia amata lavanda..

Ecco fatto! Continue reading ‘Crostata lavanda e frangipane profumata all’arancia’

Frangipane mince pies

frangipane mince pies

Jingle bells! Jingle bells! Here I am with a seasonal Christmas recipe typically English to match Candida’s cinnamon buns: mince pies! For the Italians reading this blog they are mini pies, filled with a mixture called mincemeat which is made of chopped dried fruit, apples, sugar, spices, etc. You can buy this ready made in all supermarkets at this time of the year. I bought mine at Marks and Spencer, treating myself to the luxury variety which has brandy inside. Obviously the better cooks would make their own and next year I plan to have a go, I promise. Ironically  I’m not the greatest fan of  mince pies. I find them a bit too stodgy and far too sweet for my taste. However my husband absolutely adores them so in a fit of generosity I promised that this year I would make him some as he had had a particular bad experience with a couple of them. But instead of the traditional ones which have pastry on the top as well as the bottom I decided to make these ones which are topped with frangipane. Well, do you know what? I thought they were fabulous. Much lighter than the normal variety. I would definitely recommend them. And by the way, they are by the mighty Nigella Lowson. Who else? Continue reading ‘Frangipane mince pies’

Pear and frangipane tart

I absolutely ADORE all types of frangipane tarts but I had never attempted to make one until now. I knew pears worked very well with frangipane and I had a few organic ones  which needed using (funny things are pears: one minute they are too hard, the next too soft. I’ve thrown away MANY in my life! But not this time…) plus a group of Italian ladies about to descend on me to discuss our latest book (I belong to two groups: an English one and an Italian one. In both the making of the cake is as important, if not more important, than the discussion of the book. Draw your own conclusions. ha ha). The decision was made for me.  I did a bit of research on line for a suitable recipe and stumbled upon this one by the Michelin starred chef Angela Hartnett which sounded promising. Ok, I admit it’s not a “throw everything in and mix” type of cake. In fact it is a bit of a faff, particularly as you need to poach the pears beforehand AND you need to make that shortcrust, crumbly type of pastry that every woman in the right mind hates . Still, I was determined to go ahead (talk about bees in one’s bonnet). I poached the pears the previous night and made the rest the following day. I can honestly say it tasted DIVINE!  Ok, I’m blowing my own trumpet a little here BUT there is no point in being accused of false modesty, is there? All Italian ladies praised it to the sky and demanded I blogged it, so here it is. Enjoy! Continue reading ‘Pear and frangipane tart’

Home made mincemeat with brandy

mincemeat with brandy

I can already see Italian people puzzling over the word “mincemeat”. Surely you can’t mix minced meat with brandy, right? RIGHT! I was puzzled too when I first came to England and realized that there is no meat in this traditional mixture that you use to make mince pies (one of the the traditional sweets to have here at Christmas time). Phew! Mincemeat is actually a sweet concoction made with raisins, sultanas, candy peels, sugar, spices, etc. So why is it called mincemeat? I really don’t know, is the answer. Must go on google and see whether I can find the solution to the riddle. All I know is that traditional mincemeat contains suet which is fat from meat. Could that be the reason why? Anyway, last year I made frangipane mince pies which turned out to be really nice, but I used mincemeat I had bought. This year I decided to make my own. Oh yes! And a cinch it was too! I didn’t use suet for mine but butter, as suggested by the mighty Mary Berry (the inspiration came from watching a Christmas programme with her and Paul Hollywood). I have already used some for the frangipane mincepies but ALSO to fill some Chelsea buns, which I will blog as well. They were both a success. Continue reading ‘Home made mincemeat with brandy’