A misdemeanour: pear and raspberry yoghurt cake

a midemeanour: a raw cake

a midemeanour: a raw cake

What on EARTH is this, you will be rightly asking! Well…..it’s a disaster, that’s what! Even Tomik turned the other way, totally disgusted at the utter mess. I can see I have aroused your curiosity so let me tell you what happened. Basically when I cut the cake which I lovingly made today, I discovered to my horror it was raw in the middle. Badly so! ARGH!!! Cue in howling and gnashing of teeth. So upsetting! Such a waste!  :-( Actually I am partly blaming Candida for this failure as the cake I tried to bake was a variation on her apple and rhubarb one, which she blogged not so  long ago (see here) . Only when I went to the supermarket to buy the rhubarb, there was none to be had. “Not in season!”, the shop attendant said. REALLY??? As if THAT has ever stopped supermarkets before! Come on! Strawberries and blueberries in winter? Tangerines in the summer? I rest my case.

Anyway, as there was no rhubarb I decided to try a variation on the theme: pears and raspberries instead (and incidentally, aren’t these out of season too? I ask). I followed Candi’s instructions to the letter as far as everything else was concerned and, in fact, I baked the cake for ten, fifteen minutes longer than the 30 minutes she stated (I suspected 30 wouldn’t be enough) but even so I ended up with an uncooked cake in the middle. (That will not do, dear Candi! Is your oven temperamental, perhaps? ;-)) So what to do? I didn’t want to throw the cake away so I attempted a major rescue operation: namely I cut the raw bit in the middle out ( as you can see from the picture) and put both pieces back in the oven for a while. A real desperate act, if ever I have seen one, and still not sure about the results. Honestly: what a kerfuffle! A proper misdemeanour in the true sense of the word! But hey, as the name of this blog suggests, domestic goddesses we ain’t. We can’t be perfect all of the time ( “non tutte le ciambelle riescono col buco” to use an Italian proverb, albeit that’s ironically what I ended up doing with mine: creating the missing buco, ha ha. Sorry, only people who know Italian will get the joke. It would take too long to explain it) and it’s only fair to own up to the rare disasters.  :-) Oh well! Better luck (and a longer cooking time) next time, to play on words.


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4 Responses to “A misdemeanour: pear and raspberry yoghurt cake”

  • Ah ah! Non siamo proprio le dee della casa. Ahimè, piuttosto Cenerentole prima del ballo. Cosa sarà successo? Ho usato il forno ventilato e quindi può essere che un dieci in gradi più se si usa un forno normali ci volesse. Ho appena rifatta quella torta (però non ci ho messo le mandorle questa volta) e 30 minuti sono bastati. Forse le pere e i lamponi erano più sugosi delle mele e del rabarbaro e quindi hanno rilasciato più liquido???

  • Mi sa che o si usa il forno ventilato o bisogna aggiungere 20 gradi…:-) Ora so cosa fare….

  • correggo subito la ricetta. Sorry my dear!

  • E quindi alla fine hai buttato la torta???!!

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