Fettuccine with cherry tomatoes and asparagus

fettuccine with asparagus and cherry tomatoes

First of all a warm welcome to Lauma, Tomik’s younger sister, making her first appearance on the blog (see previous recipe blogged by Candi) ! Aren’t they cute these two little cats! :-) Well folks, let me be honest here. It ain’t a bundle of fun to break one’s leg, I tell you! Apart from the boredom of being confined in the house,  even the simplest of tasks become a massive chore…cooking being one of them. At present my husband has been given the title of honourary chef, or should I say commis chef: I instruct, he cooks. Obviously I have to choose very simple and straightforward things or he wouldn’t be so cooperative. Anyway the other day we made this quick and healthy pasta dish together. I found this recipe in a book  called The Low-Gi vegetarian cookbook by Rose Elliot.  I adapted the recipe slightly by adding  to the past some olive oil which had been infused with garlic and a bit of chilli. Purely because the first time I made it  I thought it was slightly bland. Anyway, this is healthy, quick and easy. Recommended for anyone in a hurry.

INGREDIENTS (serves 3-4)

300 gr. cherry tomatoes

175 gr. asparagus tips

6 tablespoons olive oil

some dried oregano

2 cloves of garlic chilly flakes

250 gr. pasta (I used fettuccine but you can use anything you want)

few leaves of fresh basil

grated parmesan


While the pasta is cooking brush the cherry tomatoes and the asparagus tips with 2 tbspoons of the olive oil, add the oregano and grill under a hot grill until tender. At the same time gently heat in a pan the remainder of the olive oil together with the garlic and the chilli flakes. Drain the pasta, add the tomatoes and asparagus and basil leaves to it, plus the oil you have infused with chilli and garlic. Stir well. Sprinkle with fresh parmesan and serve.

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  • Oh bravo Bill. Giusto in tempo per la stagione degli asparagi che sta esplodendo proprio ora. In Liguria ne ho trovati di viola strepitosi. E a proposito di viola… Hai visto il nuovo look in onore del tuo gesso??? 😉

  • Wow! Mi sento onorata! Ho appena notato il viola! Bello! Ora non lo puoi più cambiare!:-)

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