I bring you….a misdemeanour!

an unhappy misdemeanour

happy misdemeanour

Yes…my dear friends, as its name suggests this blog is not meant to just crow about culinary successes but also share the disasters. And here is my latest. I had committed myself to bake a cake for a local Amnestea event (read: tea and cakes afternoon to raise funds for Amnesty International). The cake I had planned to bake was Candida’s gorgeous torta caprese al limone, which I have now made several times with great results. Everything was going well until I put it in the oven. Unfortunately instead of turning the oven on I inadvertently switched the grill on. After putting  the cake in the oven I then  proceeded to work on the computer upstairs and didn’t come back downstairs for another 40 minutes only to be greeted by a smell of burnt food and a blackened , sunk in the middle, sad looking cake. ARGH! DISASTER!! I couldn’t possibly take THAT to the Amnestea event! My reputation would suffer! Needless to say I had to dispose of the cake and quickly make another (husband wasn’t impressed!) , which is the carrot cake I am going to blog in just a few minutes. :-( So you see? Nobody is perfect! And we shall just have to file this little “accident” as a senior moment…:-)

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