Pumpkin, lentil and leek nut roast

pumpkin, lentil and leek nut loaf

pumpkin, lentil and leek nut roast

Hello everyone, and sorry for not blogging as often as I could but sadly, once the academic term starts, free time is at a premium! Still I must continue experimenting in the kitchen when I have the opportunity so here is this lovely recipe for you to try. I kind of half invented it. It’s a mix of several nut loaves recipe I found on line. Really tasty and not particularly difficult. Plus this is the pumpkin season so what better way of using them. I favour the pumpkins which have a more fleshy, dense texture, not the watery ones. I usually get these from markets and independent vegetable stalls. In supermarkets they tend to sell the watery variety. 


Approx. 400 gr roasted pumpkin (roast it in the oven until nice and soft)

100 gr. mixed roasted nuts (such as cashews, hazelnuts, etc.), roughly chopped

3 eggs

150 gr. cooked red lentils

100 gr. grated strong cheddar, comte or gruyere

100 gr. soft breadcrumbs

a few tablespoons grated parmesan

1 large leek, sliced and gently shallow fried until soft

salt and pepper

chopped parsley (optional)


Whiz the pumpkin in a food processor until creamy, then put in a bowl and combine with all the other ingredients. Place in a loaf tin and cook for approx. 45-50 minutes at 190 degrees until nice and golden. I actually used a tin with the hole in the middle. I don’t think it matters in truth.



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