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Asparagus, broad beans and herbs risotto

broad beans, asparagus and herbs risotto

This delicious risotto was made by my dear friend (and chemo buddy) Cairine who took pity on my broken leg (and on the fact I was home alone for the week ) and invited me over for dinner. What you must know is that cooking is not her forte (or so she says. I am beginning to doubt it, to be honest) so she was feeling slightly terrified at the prospect of cooking her favourite risotto to an Italian person  who, on top of that, runs a blog. But she needn’t be, as it was simply delicious! AND she used her iron cast pot (see photo below)! I helped her to stir it and to add the stock but she did it all on her own. The proof I really enjoyed it is that it’s now on my blog. So well done Cairine and thank you for the inspiration!! I’ll definitely make it again! By the way the recipe comes from the Riverford organic farm website. Continue reading ‘Asparagus, broad beans and herbs risotto’

Fettuccine with cherry tomatoes and asparagus

fettuccine with asparagus and cherry tomatoes

First of all a warm welcome to Lauma, Tomik’s younger sister, making her first appearance on the blog (see previous recipe blogged by Candi) ! Aren’t they cute these two little cats! :-) Well folks, let me be honest here. It ain’t a bundle of fun to break one’s leg, I tell you! Apart from the boredom of being confined in the house,  even the simplest of tasks become a massive chore…cooking being one of them. At present my husband has been given the title of honourary chef, or should I say commis chef: I instruct, he cooks. Obviously I have to choose very simple and straightforward things or he wouldn’t be so cooperative. Anyway the other day we made this quick and healthy pasta dish together. I found this recipe in a book  called The Low-Gi vegetarian cookbook by Rose Elliot.  I adapted the recipe slightly by adding  to the past some olive oil which had been infused with garlic and a bit of chilli. Purely because the first time I made it  I thought it was slightly bland. Anyway, this is healthy, quick and easy. Recommended for anyone in a hurry. Continue reading ‘Fettuccine with cherry tomatoes and asparagus’

Lasagne primavera

lasagne primavera

Looking back on the recipes we have blogged so far  I’ve realized we are very rich in cakes and all manner of sweet things (and I wonder why) but rather poor in pasta dishes. This won’t do!  Considering Candi and myself are Italian I’d say this oversight is close to a crime, so here is a nice recipe suitable for vegetarians I half invented (I saw a similar one in a free supermarket magazine in Italy. I get inspired by all sorts!) which I made the other night. I LOVE all types of baked pasta, particularly lasagne. I’ve tried different combinations over the years (traditional, with spinach and ricotta, with aubergines and mozzarella, with salmon and broccoli, the one Candi blogged with pumpkin and gorgonzola…you name it) and, to be honest, you can’t really go wrong with it. It always tastes great! In this particular one I put grilled courgettes, asparagus and peas. Plus a bit of ricotta cheese for some added interest. I always make my bechamel sauce in the microwave, which makes it dead easy to accomplish. For this particular recipe as the theme was spring (hence the name “primavera”, which means spring in Italian. I used the Italian word for special effects :-)) and the dominant colour was green I used spinach lasagne sheets. Continue reading ‘Lasagne primavera’

Risotto agli asparagi al pistacchio e limone


E che asparagi sia! Hai ragione Lucina, bisogna approfittarne, visto che ora sono naturalmente disponibili. Verde asparago, verde pistacchio… E invece no. I pistacchi non sono solo verdi, alla faccia dei luoghi comuni. Il pistacchio appena sgusciato è delicatamente sfumato di rosa, a pensarci bene ha proprio i colori dei boccioli di rosa secchi e profumati che in Turchia mettono nei dolci, nelle conserve e nei liquori. Comunque, eccolo qua, il mio risotto, lui sì, tutto verde.

Continue reading ‘Risotto agli asparagi al pistacchio e limone’

Penne with asparagus and ricotta

penne with asparagus and ricotta

You asked for a recipe with asparagus and here’s another one straight after your lovely lasagne, dear Candi. After all they are in season so we must strike the iron while it’s hot, so to speak. By the way, apologies for the very amateurish photos.  They remind me of those terrible pics you see outside Greek tavernas to entice customers to go in. They achieve the EXACT result, in fact. :-( Still, I don’t possess any professional photographic equipment, only my mobile phone, I am afraid. So you are stuck with these unprofessional pictures. I put them to give you a rough idea of what the dishes look like (much better in reality. Trust me) and to prove I’ve actually made the stuff. The pasta dish I cooked last night is straight out of the Riverford recipe leaflet I get every week with my veggies. (Brilliant outfit! Great service! I advise you to check out the recipe section on their website. There are some really interesting vegetable dishes.) I thought it was very nice (and straightforward) so I decided to share it with you (slightly amended). Continue reading ‘Penne with asparagus and ricotta’

Lasagne primavera

Ancora asparagi, anzi qualcosa che aiuti a smaltire i gambi di asparagi e i ciuffi dei cipollotti. Cosa di meglio allora di una besciamella primaverile, fatta con una buona farina integrale, magari bio? Preparata in quattro e quattrotto con il microonde (un mio pallino, la besciamella in microonde, soprattutto perché così sparisce il problema dei grumi). Continue reading ‘Lasagne primavera’

Spaghetti con le vongole e gli asparagi

Ah le vongole, mi piacciono un sacco. Forse la mia riserva di ferro preferita. Più delicate delle cozze (e anche più comode da pulire), non la fanno da padrone come le cugine arancioni e stanno bene con varie verdure. Il binomio con gli asparagi dunque è venuto da solo.  Adesso inizia il tempo degli asparagi (finora venivano dal Perù, massimo produttore di asparagi del mondo che non li consuma per niente!!!) e la nostra Terry delle fragole ha cominciato a raccoglierli. Così per il prossimo mese, asparagi in quantità. Preparatevi, o meglio, postatemi qualche ricettina a cui siete affezionati, se vi va. Continue reading ‘Spaghetti con le vongole e gli asparagi’