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Lemon biscuits (light)

lemon biscuits

lemon biscuits

Well hello hello hello! Yes, I am back and sorry if I haven’t been able to write for MONTHS! Work got in the way, as well as my newly found hobby: mosaics. I’ve spent loads of my free hours making mosaic stuff, a lot of it for Christmas, leaving me hardly any time to be creative in the kitchen. But I have no excuses now. The recipe I’m sharing with you today is something I wasn’t sure at first. Biscuits usually contain much higher quantities of butter. This is what makes them lovely and rich. But I wanted something with less calories hence I gave these ones a go. I’ve got to say I like them a lot, after the initial “I’m not sure about these”. They are not too sweet and are light and crunchy. Ideal to have with a cup of tea or coffee, without feeling too guilty. I particularly love their lemony flavour, always a favourite of mine. Next time I might add a bit of semolina for some extra crunch. Continue reading ‘Lemon biscuits (light)’

Biscotti salati al parmigiano e pomodori secchi

20160216_074545_Richtone(HDR)I biscotti salati sono la mia passione. Questi sono grossi ma si possono fare anche piccolini per un aperitivo. A me, devo dire, piacciono anche a colazione. E per una colazione li abbiamo fatti. Per il nostro Guido che mangia sempre salato a colazione. Si conservano diversi giorni e sono meglio mangiati il giorno dopo. Insomma vanno lasciati un po’ lì, come tutti i biscotti con il burro. Ho usato la farina di farro e quella integrale per variare un po’ i cereali che mangiamo ogni giorno. Ma vanno benissimo con la farina normale. Una 0, meglio se biologica. Continue reading ‘Biscotti salati al parmigiano e pomodori secchi’

10 minutes chocolate chip cookies

10 minutes chocolate chip cookies

10 minutes chocolate chip cookies

I thought I had already blogged these but I was clearly mistaken as I can’t find them anywhere. Oh well! I must have meant to do it then forgot. Here’s a recipe to use when you have friends descending on you but you haven’t got the time to faff about (the story of my busy life, basically..). As the name suggests they are really quick and really simple to make. Pretty much foolproof, in fact. They come from the River Cottage book Everyday by Hugh Fernely-Whittingstall. Lovely with a cup of tea or coffee! Mine, as you can see from the pic, came out a bit misshapen as I didn’t leave enough space between them. Still they tasted really good and that’s what matters at the end of the day. Right? Right! 😉 Continue reading ’10 minutes chocolate chip cookies’

Shortbread che si sciolgono in bocca



Certo, non si tratta della ricetta più dietetica che ho postato. Ma che fare se sono terribilmente buoni e velocissimi da fare? Come resistere alla loro sicura riuscita e al loro burroso sciogliersi in bocca? Hanno un unico difetto. Bisogna essere pazienti: NON mangiarli subito. Aspettare, aspettare almeno 12 ore, meglio 24 o 36. Io per riuscirci ho dovuto farli di nascosto, metterli fuori dalla finestra senza dirlo a nessuno. Solo Laura sapeva…

La ricetta di Nigella Lawson l’ho presa ancora una volta da Araba felice che non sbaglia un colpo! Io ho solo fatto piccole, insignificanti modifiche che vi segnalerò. Continue reading ‘Shortbread che si sciolgono in bocca’

Biscotti: al pistacchio o alle arachidi? Doppia ricetta!

Oggi ricetta double-face. Guardala di qua: è pistacchio, mettici il burro di arachidi è nocciolina! Sono biscotti che vengono sempre bene, l’unico problema è che la quantità di burro che non permette di abusarne. Non sono precisamente i biscotti da dieta quotidiana. Ahi, bisogna fare uno studio, sul biscotto ideale da colazione. Gustoso senza intasarti le arterie! Continue reading ‘Biscotti: al pistacchio o alle arachidi? Doppia ricetta!’

Italian savoiardi sponge fingers

savoiardi biscuits

I have used the Italian name for these extremely light and delicate sponge biscuits, which over here are known as lady fingers, for the simple reason I don’t like the English name. It reminds me of body parts from a CSI investigates episode. Savoiardi is much nicer! And apart from anything else it’s a royal name as it means: from the house of Savoy ( which was our Royal family…:-))How posh is that?  Generally speaking these biscuits are used to make other desserts, like tiramisus,  trifles or  Charlottes (which incidentally I have never made). I can see no reason why they can’t be dunked in a nice cup of coffee, though. They are ideal if you are on a fat free diet as their only ingredients are eggs, flour and sugar. What could be simpler? I had never made them before and was intrigued to discover you have to air them , after baking, for at least 24 hours in order to dry them out. So make sure you bake them in advance! Continue reading ‘Italian savoiardi sponge fingers’

Biscoitos de maizena (take 2)


biscoitos de maizena (take 2)

If Candi is also jumping on the maizena band wagon I can’t NOT (can you have a double negative in English? I am not sure!) blog the second experiment with maizena biscuits which I promised you. The ones only using  maizena flour, remember? The advantage of this version is that they can be enjoyed by gluten intolerant people. I must say this 100% maizena flour variety is every bit as nice as the previous one and certainly as easy to make, if not easier. I particularly like their yellowish colour and their slightly coarser  texture, (because of the maizena flour which basically resembles polenta, only finer). I reduced the amount of butter and sugar the recipe suggested but even then I confess there is quite a lot of both in them. Oh well!   You only need to have ONE with your tea or coffee. It won’t send your cholesterol levels sky high, surely! Continue reading ‘Biscoitos de maizena (take 2)’

Biscoitos de maizena

biscoitos de maizena

Yes, I am blogging in Portuguese! Well…at least the name of the recipe. It sounds much more enticing. Let me tell you why I ended up making these lovely little biscuits. The inspiration to bake them actually came from Candi’s post (biscottini al limone). Last weekend I tried making them but sadly they turned into a misdemeanour (read:they ended up in the bin). Why? Because I must have put too much bicarbonate of soda in them and you could taste it when you ate them. Oh dear!  Candi’s teaspoon must be much smaller than mine. :-(  Never mind: I know what to do next time. Anyway, I noticed that one of Candi’s biscottini al limone’s ingredients was maizena. Only a tablespoon of it but still. It so happened that I had a small bag of it in my cupboard, still unopened and about to expire with NO idea what to make with it so I started searching the net for biscuits recipes requiring maizena flour. Continue reading ‘Biscoitos de maizena’

Biscottini al limone

Ecco una ricettina per i biscotti della domenica. Da fare assolutamente il giorno prima e lasciare al fresco, meglio in frigo, una notte.Altrimenti rimangono troppo sbriciolosi. Niente foto perché ho il computer rotto e sto postando con un iPad in prestito e non riesco a caricare la foto con questo aggeggio infernale tanto amato da Lucina.
Ho modificato una vecchia ricetta di Araba felice, mettendoci un po’ meno burro e un po’ più zucchero. Ho messo tutti gli ingredienti nel mixer e con la funzione discontinua ho impastato finché si è formata una palla da cui ho fatto un salamino. L’ho messo in frigo per qualche ora, e l’ho tagliato in fette da circa 1 cm l’una. Ho cotto a 180 per 10 minuti. Ho poi messo in frigo una notte. Continue reading ‘Biscottini al limone’