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Lemon curd and almond cupcakes

lemon curd cupcakes

You have got to try these little cakes! They are UTTERLY delicious!!! And a doddle to make…. The original recipe (from our good friend Hugh Fearnley….who else?) is actually to make muffins but I put mine in biggish paper cases and the result was they looked more…well  like cupcakes than muffins. So I’ll blog them as such. Mine are actually a variation of what Hugh does as I have mixed the flour with some ground almonds (in the original recipe there is just flour). They are really light and ever so soft. I love their zesty taste of lemon and their yellow colour. And by the way, if you Italians don’t know what lemon curd is (not even sure whether it exists in Italy) look at this recipe to make it. I confess I bought mine at Marks and Spencer but there is nothing stopping you from making your own. In fact, even better! I hope that my son Mike will have a go at making them to impress girls and colleagues alike…:-) Continue reading ‘Lemon curd and almond cupcakes’