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Biscoitos de maizena (take 2)


biscoitos de maizena (take 2)

If Candi is also jumping on the maizena band wagon I can’t NOT (can you have a double negative in English? I am not sure!) blog the second experiment with maizena biscuits which I promised you. The ones only using  maizena flour, remember? The advantage of this version is that they can be enjoyed by gluten intolerant people. I must say this 100% maizena flour variety is every bit as nice as the previous one and certainly as easy to make, if not easier. I particularly like their yellowish colour and their slightly coarser  texture, (because of the maizena flour which basically resembles polenta, only finer). I reduced the amount of butter and sugar the recipe suggested but even then I confess there is quite a lot of both in them. Oh well!   You only need to have ONE with your tea or coffee. It won’t send your cholesterol levels sky high, surely! Continue reading ‘Biscoitos de maizena (take 2)’