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Roasted red vegetables soup

roasted red vegetables soup

Now that the autumnal season is upon us it’s time to give birth to a new soup recipe. Soups are so cheap and quick to make and such an ideal thing to eat on a cold, wet, dull day. Even better if accompanied by some lovely bread! And better still if the bread is home made! :-) Speaking of which: I haven’t updated you lately on my bread making extravaganza but let me tell you that  my experiments in that department are going really well! My sourdough is still going strong and I’ve tried many new recipes. I will have to blog one soon!  Anyway, back to soups. This particular one is slightly more complicated than normal ones as before banging all your veggies in a pan you must roast them in the oven. But trust me: it’s worth it for the flavour! Plus, it’s hardly complicated to roast a few vegetables, isn’t it? So what are you waiting for? Have a go at this one, you soup fanatics. You won’t regret it! Continue reading ‘Roasted red vegetables soup’

Chestnut and sage soup

chestnut and sage soup

Here’s another new recipes for those soup fans like myself who want to experiment a little. Let’s face it:  autumn is on its way (or have we just had it? We have had such a shocking summer this year! Last week’s blamy temperatures will not redeem it…) and nothing is more warming than a lovely bowl of soup with some nice bread. I had a tin of chestnuts in my cupboard which I discovered while pretending to tidy it up. I needed to use it as it was near its sell by date so I scoured my recipe books for some ideas. In the end I plumped for this one by Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall. In fact, Candi, it’s in his Veg every day book I gave you for Christmas. The sage (which is growing wildly in my garden) gives it an unusual flavour. I like its velvety consistency. Definitely one I’ll make again. Continue reading ‘Chestnut and sage soup’