An experiment with sourdough (part 2)


sourdough (part 2)


Well readers…. it’s Wednesday and here I am as promised to update you on the sourdough experiment. As you can see from the vile brownish colour and bubbles on the surface of the dough it would seem the mixture is active allright! In fact perhaps too active! And by the way the dark top layer is what should happen. As for the smell: I can’t convey it in writing but I can tell you it ain’t all that pleasant! Again this is perfectly within the norm, hence the name “sour”. So far the experiment would seem to have worked. Anyway, for the records: after the initial three days you are supposed to give it its first feed. This process is called “refreshing”. To do this discard half of the mixture and add another 100 gr. of strong white flour and 100 ml. of water . I actually added a little bit less water as the dough was very watery  (I hope this is normal and it doesn’t mean it has gone bad already!). Now I have to wait another 24 hours and then, IN THEORY, I could make my first bread loaf….I’ll keep you paged…well, blogged.

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