Niçoise salad

Et voilà! I have also managed to take a picture of my latest creation ( read: what we had for supper tonight)and upload it on the blog. HOW clever am I, eh? Ok, it took me the best part of two hours to work out how to send the photo from my phone to the computer (GRRRR!), and then on to the blog BUT I DID IT! Can’t say Bill ( my poor husband) was impressed about my Oliviero Toscani’s attempts to photograph his food before he could eat it. I do confess it took a few attempts before I was satisfied with the results.
Anyway, as I told you on Skype yesterday, lately I have been a bit lazy and haven’t done much cooking so tonight I thought I ‘d make a favourite salad of mine, with a few variations: the Niçoise salad. I used mixed lettuce, new potatoes, tuna, eggs (free range, of course), mangetouts (instead of green beans, slightly cooked in order to retain the crunchiness) and black olives. I really should have put some anchovies too but didn’t have any in my cupboard. :-( I dressed it with a bit of that gorgeous olive oil you gave me as well as some lemon juice. To finish it off I drizzled some  thick balsamic vinegar on it. We ate it with a nice chunk of wholemeal bread. DELICIOUS! AND healthy too!

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