Raspberry jam

raspberry jam

raspberry jam

Yes! I am afraid I am inflicting another jam on you. Raspberry this time! “Is she trying to tell us something?”, I hear you ask. “She has been blogging quite a few of the damn stuff lately!” Well….  you are not wrong. Basically I am trying to convince you to try making some, assuming you like eating jam like me , of course.  It is such a cinch! Honestly!  Have a go and you will never look back. The advantage of home made jam, taste aside- which is by far superior-, is that you can control the quality of the fruit and you know exactly what has gone into it. In this particular case I used 4 punnets of raspberries which had been reduced in price. They were expiring that day and Sainsbury was selling them off cheap. From £2.75 each to 69 p. What a bargain!  Ok some looked a bit on the soft side but basically they were perfectly fine. Luck would have it that the jam sugar was on special offer too. Only £1! So for under £4 I ended up with nearly 2 kilos of jam. Not bad, uh? I have of course given some away. One mustn’ t be greedy and forget one’s friends, must one! This afternoon I made some fresh scones (see recipe here) and topped them with my raspberry jam (see pic below) . OMG!DELICIOUS! Definitely one to make again.


1 Kg. fresh raspberries

1 Kg. jam sugar

a knob of butter


Wash your rasperries and put them in a large pan. Mash them with a potato masher then add the sugar and gently warm up until all sugar has dissolved.


Turn the heat up and bring to the boil. Boil furiously for exactly 4 minutes. Turn the heat off. Add a knob of butter, remove any residual scum and pour into sterilized jars (I confess I didn’t sterilize mine. I couldn’t be bothered. I washed them well and dried them and then put them in the fridge where they will be stored)

the lovely scones

the lovely scones

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