Rhubarb jam

rhubarb jam

I LOVE jam, particularly the home made variety so it’s baffling that I don’t make my own on a regular basis. Because, let’s be honest, it’s not that  complicated. How difficult is it to boil some fruit with some sugar and put it in jars? Ok, you need to get the quantities right but still! So I thought the time had come to have a go and decided to make some rhubarb jam. I love rhubarb (sorry Candi. I have never seen it on sale in Italy. Another idea for import /export? Already you have to start growing parnsnips, remember?) so last time I was shopping I bought two bags (on offer, as it happens)  and some jam sugar and when I came home I put the lot in a big pan and started boiling away. Just like a witch with her cauldron. Well….. it didn’t take me long to produce the finished result. And it is amazingly good: it tastes divine and the consistency is JUST right. WHY haven’t I done it before? It’s so simple! Honest! Next time I might even add some grated ginger . Sorry to be bragging about it but I have to share with you this cookery success, right? Next session is going to be with my friend Carmelita who also wants to try her hand at jam making (she has always been scared of it. But WHY? I really don’t know..). We are going to make some blackberry jam, to be precise. She knows a secret spot where loads of them are growing (mind you: they are not ripe yet!). What better than that? But for now let’s see how I made my fabulous rhubarb jam.

INGREDIENTS (I made approx 4 medium sized jars)

900 gr. rhubarb

900 gr. jam sugar (it’s sugar which already contains pectin and you find it in all good supermarkets)

the grated rind of two unwaxed lemons


rhubarb jam in the making

Wash the rhubarb, pat it dry and cut it into chunks. Put it in a pan and cover with sugar. Cook over a gentle heat until all the sugar  has melted, stirring continously. Add the lemon rind and  turn up the heat. Boil the jam for ten minutes then turn the heat off. Let it rest for 5 minutes then spoon in sterilized jars and seal. Simple!

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4 Responses to “Rhubarb jam”

  • Calderoni, pozioni, erbe magiche che da noi non si trovano, luoghi segreti… siete proprio delle streghe lassù. Be’ vi do appuntamento a gennaio quando con le super arance del Mato Grosso (raccolte con il lavoro dei volontari per beneficenza) io e Luigi faremo la nostra marmelade… Il rabarbaro invece, è morto all’unico amico che l’aveva in giardino, sigh!
    A presto care, sono in partenza.

  • I remember your marmalade very well!It was gorgeous! It didn’t last long in my house! As for the rhubarb: here it’s a very easy plant to grow. Sow did your friend manage to kill it? I Must see if I can get hold of some seeds and bring them in September when I visit. :-)

  • Ho avuto il privilegio di ricevere in regalo un vasetto di rhubarb jam. Sono ancora una birthday girl, Lucina? Dunque adesso il mio commento obiettivo sul contenuto del vasetto. Consistenza semi densa, colore ambrato con riflessi e striature rosso vivace, sapore dolce e non dolciastro con un piacevole retrogusto di limone. Un unico e assoluto aggettivo: OTTIMA !!!!!

    Ps La prossima volta useremo il rabarbaro del mio giardino, ok?

    @ Candida : potrei anche provare la tua marmellata di arance, mi offro come cavia. hahhaha

  • prenotata, se Lucina accetta di fare da corriere…

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