Salsa verde

salsa verde

If you ever need to jazz  up some vegetables like cauliflower or boiled potatoes why not try this flavoursome salsa verde (sorry folks I’m sticking to the Italian name here as the English translation- green sauce- conjures up images of witches’ potions…)?  I had a cauliflower I needed to use last night and wanted to do something more to it than just steaming it (how boring is THAT?). I have a problem with cauliflower. I only like it in a rich bechamel sauce with loads of cheese on the top but that can be quite heavy, as well as time consuming to make.  (Actually I have made some nice soups with it too but still it’s not my favourite vegetable. If anybody out there has some interesting cauliflower recipes PLEASE send them my way). Anyway….. I decided the time had come to make some salsa verde.  In Piemonte it is traditionally eaten with boiled meats. My mum, who was from Turin, used to make it quite often. I reckon it could go very well also with steamed white fish. There are many different variations for this traditional sauce. I changed one of the usual ingredients (gherkins) for another (olives) . The truth? I didn’t have any gherkins in the house! :-( Still, the result was a very tasty sauce indeed!


a big bunch of flat leaf parsley (remove stalks)

a small bunch of mint leaves

1 clove of garlic (more if you are a garlic fan)

1 heaped tablespoons of capers

10-12 green olives without the stone

6 anchovies

8-10 tablespoons good quality olive oil

2 tablespoons red vinegar


Whizz everything in a food processor. Job done!  Spoon it over your potatoes, cauliflower.. whatever  and BUON APPETITO!

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2 Responses to “Salsa verde”

  • gherkins suona strano e streghesco almeno quanto green sauce! Ho dovuto andare a cercarlo. Nella mia famiglia ci mettono anche un uovo sodo. Non ci avevo pensato a farla anche per le verdure. Ottimo…

  • I like the idea of the boiled egg! Will add it next time… I love this blog Candi! It’s good to share these simple tips and recipes. :-)

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