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Mousse di limone

Ecco qui il mio viatico. Posto questo e per qualche settimana non potrò più mandarvi niente. Sono partita e ci si rivede a metà settembre. Con questo caldo ci vuole un dolcetto fresco e leggero. Eccolo qui, dopo un po’ di prove per trovare la consistenza giusta. Se si vuole si può sostituire la ricotta e il mascarpone con panna montata o, magari, per una versione più light (che però non ho ancora provato), con un formaggio leggero tipo philadelphia o petit suisse. Continue reading ‘Mousse di limone’

Lemon and poppyseed cake

lemon and poppyseed cake

The idea to make this particular cake came while I was in Scotland just after Easter. We rented a remote cottage for a week in the middle of nowhere and had a fabulous time walking, thanks to the glorious weather (yes, occasionally the sun shines here too!). To replenish the lost calories every day, after each walk, we treated ourselves to a slice of cake in some lovely tea room or other in the area. One of the cakes I had while I was there was one made with lemon and poppyseeds. I had never had one before but it was absolutely gorgeous.  What I particularly liked about it was the tanginess of the lemon combined with the interesting, crunchy texture from the poppy seeds. When I came back I went hunting for a recipe to try and found one by Jill Dupleix which sounded good. My guinea pigs were the bunch of Italian ladies who have the misfortune (or is it a fortune? The jury is still out on that one) to live here in the UK in my same area. I invited them for lunch and presented them with this cake explaining I needed to try it out before it went on the blog  (between you and me I think they are getting sick of me and my blog! :-)). Well….they loved it , and so did my husband who had what was left, so here it is. It is lovely and moist inside but it  has a delicious crunchy lemon and sugar topping . Mind you: be careful to check your teeth in the mirror for any errand seeds after you have eaten it  or  they might think you are in need of dental treatment! Continue reading ‘Lemon and poppyseed cake’

Inizia il caldo! Abbasso la Coca Cola

Sciroppo di limone per limonata

6 limoni bio non trattati

1 pezzetto di zenzero fresco sbucciato

250 gr. di acqua

500 gr. di zucchero

una decina di foglioline di menta

4-5 foglie di basilico Continue reading ‘Inizia il caldo! Abbasso la Coca Cola’

Lemon and ricotta cake

lemon and ricotta cake

And after the uber healthy recipe from Candi, here’s one with somewhat “naughtier” credentials. Not for people who are slimming, I am afraid.  Mind you, you can’t be good ALL of the time, can you? You have to transgress on occasions. Or how boring would life be? Plus, let’s not forget, a balanced diet is a cake in both hands, as I’ve read somewhere! Ha ha. Anyway, I made this lovely cake a few days ago for yet another book group (the Italian ladies one, this time. You will have guessed by now that I LOVE reading as well as cooking) and it went down a treat! It is made with ricotta  and lemons (the zest. Use untreated, unwaxed ones). It is really moist and utterly delicious. I found the recipe years ago in the BBC Good Food magazine. I have baked it many times and it has never failed me. And it’s so simple to make! If there are any girls out there wanting to impress without much of an effort try this one…. Continue reading ‘Lemon and ricotta cake’