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Sformatini di broccoli e nocciole



 Si vede che ho la farina di nocciole da finire nell’armadio, eh?  Continue reading ‘Sformatini di broccoli e nocciole’

Raspberry muffins

raspberry muffins

I like a good muffin with my coffee, especially the berries variety: blueberries or raspberries in particular  (in season at the moment). I find the bought ones far too sweet plus God knows how  many preservatives/colourings etc. they contain. In actual fact they are really easy to do. I have tried several other recipes using sunflower oil, margarine or sour cream but I always go back to this one which uses good, old butter. Sadly you can’t beat its taste in all things cakey (surprise surprise!). Well…… a bit of butter now and again is not going to harm you, is it ?, and this recipe doesn’t use much. So… long live butter! This recipe comes from a muffins book by Susan Reimer. You can use frozen berries, if you wish but clearly the fresh ones are better. Damn be the diet and let’s get baking then….. Continue reading ‘Raspberry muffins’