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Risotto with nettles

spot the nettle

Candi, I am HOME again!! You can’t be on holiday all the time and it’s time I went back to do some serious cooking. Had a great time in Austria and Germany and ate a lot of spaetzle (I think this is the spelling) – read some sort of ugly and fat egg pasta worms. Mind you: they were delicious so I MUST find the recipe somewhere and ask my German friend Beate to bring me the tool you need to make them. She is visiting me soon so perhaps she’ll even teach me the right way of cooking them, which can only means it will get blogged! :-)  Anyway, when I came back from my holidays I discovered not only an empty fridge but also a massive nettle amongst my garden plants (see if you can spot it in the photo) hence, in a flash of genius, I decided to use its leaves and make a risotto before chopping it down. And before you think I am gaga , think again! It’s a well known dish amongst Italian foodies. Isn’t that right Candi???  I remember making  one years and years ago with my auntie and recall it was actually rather good. And by the way don’t worry! Nettles don’t sting once they are cooked! As to their taste….difficult to describe (a bit spinachy, perhaps?). The only way to find out, if you are intrigued,  is to follow this recipe and try for yourself. A confession I have to make is that I cook my risottos in the pressure cooker. Oh yes!No stirring stock for 20 minutes for me. Life is too short up North! You wouldn’t believe how quick and easy it is and how delicious it tastes. You would never know it hasn’t been done the “orthodox” way. Trust me! So if you are interested in making a most unsual risotto using the pressure cooker read on…. Continue reading ‘Risotto with nettles’