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Parmesan and rosemary scones

parmesan and rosemary scones

I am a HUGE fan of scones, particularly the cheese variety. They are often what I go for when I visit a tea room (provided they look home made, that is!). Strangely enough I find they are often disappointing (read :tasteless or stodgy or both).  I often judge how good a particular café/tea room is by its scones and if the cheese ones are good they can count me in as a regular customer.  I baked this particular batch on Saturday in honour of my annual posh tea party with the English book group ladies which always takes place at around this time of the year at my house. In theory it should be an al fresco event, read: in the garden. In practice  the weather is always bad (this is England after all!) so we end up staying indoors. And this is what happened this year AGAIN:  it was nice the day before, it was nice the day after but on the actual day it peed down! Anyway for this event tradition wants that I take out my best china, splash out on some expensive tea (this year was Countess Grey by Fortnum and Mason) and lay the table for a posh do. Continue reading ‘Parmesan and rosemary scones’