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Spinach and ricotta pancakes

spinach and ricotta pancakes

You must have worked out by now that I am a ricotta fan as the last recipe I posted also featured this cheese. The Italian name for this dish is crespelle di ricotta e spinaci. I made it last Tuesday, which was shrove Tuesday ( martedí grasso in Italian), as that’s the  traditional day in England to eat pancakes. The way to eat them here is with a squeeze of lemon juice and a sprinkling of sugar but I fancied something savoury and more substantial. I know it’s a bit of a faff to make the pancakes but the homemade ones taste so much nicer than the ready made ones. Plus you can make them in advance and stuff them at a later stage. There are many recipes for the batter. I used the one I found in the Silver spoon recipe book or Cucchiaio d’ argento, which is the legendary bible of Italian cooking. It used to be owned by all good Italian housewives in the past. Not so sure that’s the case anymore ( Candi, please comment). It has been translated in English and I confess I have both. But enough chatting and let’s get cooking… Continue reading ‘Spinach and ricotta pancakes’