Tuna steak with pistachios and sun dried tomatoes

tuna steak with pistachios

Before I share with you this quick but impressive recipe let me update you on both Tomik the sourdough and Herman the German. I know some of you will be curious to know whether they are still alive and thriving. Well….the simple answer is : YES to both. Tomik is a happy little chappy AND I have now given a couple of his “babies” to friends (David and Annalisa, if you are reading this , I am keeping an eye on you! :-))so his legend goes on! Herman is also doing well and doing the round. I got him back last week, fed him, used him to make a lovely carrot, almond and polenta cake and passed him on again. I’ve worked out that I all I need to do to create a new one is to use my sourdough starter and feed it with milk, sugar and flour. Simple! Now to the tuna recipe of the day. As you know fresh tuna is really expensive but now and again it’s nice to treat oneself to a nice steak. If the quality of the fish is good and the tuna is fresh there is nothing better to eat and you don’t need any fanciful recipes to cook it. You can simply marinate it quickly in a bit of olive oil and lemon and grill it. The mistake I used to make in the past was overcooking it. I hadn’t cottoned on to the fact it has to be pink inside so I always ended up with a disappointing dry steak. Anyway, I have learnt my lesson now, having observed how they served in Sardinia (where I had the best tuna steak of my life!). This recipe is really simple as all you need to do is whizz the ingredients in a food processor, coat the steaks and quickly fry them. They look very professional when sliced and arranged on a plate. I simply served mine on top of a salad. Delicious! By the way I have it from my Sicilian friend Carmelita that in Sicily they do it in an even simpler way, namely just using pistachios and sesame seeds. How easy is that? By the way I found the recipe on the Giallo Zafferano website.


600 gr. fresh tuna steaks

50 gr. pistachios

30 gr. sun dried tomatoes

1 tbsp poppy seeds (or sesame seeds)

2  tbsp. breadcrumbs

3 tbsp olive oil


Make sure the tuna steaks are straight from the refrigerator. They have to be cold. Chop the tomatoes and pistachios in a food processor and add the seeds and the breadcrumbs. Brush the steaks with some olive oil and coat them with the mixture. Heat the olive oil in a pan and when nice and hot cook the steaks for a minute on each side. Make sure you don’t overcook them. They have to be pink inside. Remove from the pan, slice and arrange on a plate. Serve immediately .



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