We are on Twitter!!

What? We have a Twitter feed? How advanced is that? I confess that it was my son’s idea, who is the world expert on all things Twittery. Personally I had NEVER used it before, nor knew how it worked or what its purpose was , to be honest. In fact I always thought it was a colossal waste of time and a self indulgent activity at that (because the blog isn’t , of course…he he). But apparently it’s a MUST if you want to call yourself technologically savvy. So he ( my son Tom) gave me a crash lesson in how to use it. Bless him! It would seem you CAN teach an old dog new tricks!  Really quite simple this Twitter lark (when you know how, of course). So from now on the plan is to tell people on Twitter when a new blog is available. Question is: will ANY of the followers of this blog use it? Mmmmh…. Not sure about that. Perhaps you should learn how it works too, Candi! And by the way for the people who are already Twitter friendly, click here to access it :http://twitter.com/#!/Ricettemisfatti. See what you can do peeps!

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5 Responses to “We are on Twitter!!”

  • Ok Lucina, mi hai convinto. Mi iscriverò a Twitter, ma giuro che lo userò pochissimo perché mi conosco e non voglio diventare dipendente. Ma prima di Twitter dovrò studiarmi tutte quelle espressioni che usi e che io non conosco. :(
    A parte il povero vecchio cane che deve fare tutta quella fatica per imparare trucchi nuovi, sono perplessa dal Twitter lark, la crash lesson (che mi suona molto drammatica)… Oh quando diventerò veramente English friendly??? Appena ho un po’ di tempo raccoglierò tutte le note linguistiche del blog in due pagine, una per l’italiano e una per l’inglese, così ci rimangono. Intanto W Thomas!

  • Well….we did say “improve your English through cooking”! And think of those poor students of mine who will learn Italian via YOU! GO Candi, go!

  • Margaret Bernstein

    Hi Lucina
    great idea, but I need it all in english all seem like the things I like to cook. M xxx

  • Dear Margaret, aren’t you afraid of my terrible English. Really do you want me write my poor recipes in some strange English of mine???

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