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Courgette tea bread

Hey Candi, sorry for not posting until now after all the happy hours we spent talking about this shared, dual language recipe swapping blog. I won’t bore you with the details but having to go every day to hospital is largely to blame…:-(

Anyway, I thought I would share a cake recipe here which I made for my book group ladies last week. I was hosting the event and, as the group has been running for well over three years, every imaginable cake has been made and eaten by now. They are a demanding lot these ladies – as well as very good cooks- so I scoured my personal library  for something a bit unusual. I finally found it in a very good recipe book by Rachel Allen called Bake. It’s made with courgettes, YES courgettes. It’s a bit like a carrot cake. It is certainly different and  VERY GOOD! I promise….

Here’s the recipe: Continue reading ‘Courgette tea bread’