Tomik is one!!!

my beloved Tomik- ONE today!!!!

Tomik , for those who don’t know, is the name I gave my beloved sourdough. And today it’s his first birthday!  I did look for a suitable birthday card to give it but haven’t been able to find one specifically for sourdoughs, despite the fact here in England they seem to have a card for any occasion! :-) Seriously, who would have believed it, when I “gave birth” to my beloved Tomik a year ago (read here) , that 12 months later it would still be alive? Not me! Well…I nurtured it and fed it , just like a real mum would, and today it is as happy as anything, as you can see from the picture. So…has it all been worthwhile? Well, of course! I have experimented with it and baked many loaves using it. All generally successful, I haste to add. I also always put a small amount of it in any bread I make using normal yeast. It’s supposed to improve the texture. And that’s the other thing: I hardly ever buy bread from the supermarket these days. I have got into the routine of making my own. I’d urge anyone to have a go at baking bread. As well as being a relaxing activity it’s also a lot healthier as you know exactly what’s in it.

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