Butternut squash and pepper soup

butternut squash and pepper soup

I think it’s about time I blogged one of my famous soups! Yes, I like a good soup EVEN in the summer. And anyway, let’s be honest…WHAT summer? Here in the Uk you can rest assured it never stays hot or sunny for too long. Last year (or was it the one before? Or perhaps both) I had the heating on in August! :-0  COME ON!  So soup it is! The recipe for this particular one was given to me by my good friend Janet, queen of puddings and other things besides. She was the original enthusiast and right she was too! It’s light, fresh and it has an amazing bright orange colour. I am not sure whether you have butternut squash in Italy. It’s basically like a pumpkin but the shape is that of a big pear. If you do have them what are they called??? Help Candi!

Now to the recipe….


1 butternut squash (peeled, seeds removed and cut in big chunks)

1 large red pepper (cut in large pieces)

1 large onion (roughly chopped)

1 1/2 lt vegetable stock (I use Knorr vegetable stock cubes)

1-2 heaped tablespoons of Philadelphia cheese

chopped basil (optional…but I like it!)

two tablespoons olive oil


Shallow fry the onions in the olive oil for 5 minutes or so, add all the other chopped vegetables and cover with the vegetable stock (the water should just about cover the veggies). Bring to the boil and cook for approx 25 minutes until all vegetables are nice and soft. Add the Philadelphia cheese and liquidise the lot. Sprinkle with some chopped fresh basil and parmesan. Delicious!

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2 Responses to “Butternut squash and pepper soup”

  • butter che? ho dovuto consultare wikipedia, giusto per vedere che non c’è nemmeno una voce in italiano che corrisponde. Vedendo le foto, sì la si trova qualche rara volta ma noi così semplicioni la chiamiamo zucca, senza molti distinguo. Forse mi puoi illuminare sulla differenza?

  • Well, I am glad I haven’t lost it completely! There isn’t a name then!I thought it wasn’t common in Italy… In truth the taste is very similar to that of the pumpkin so I can guess you can use that instead.Here it’s very popular. It’s really good roasted in the oven with some feta cheese and olive oil drizzled on it.

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