Pumpkin/ beetroot spätzle

pumpkin spatzle

pumpkin spatzle

beetroot spatzle

beetroot spatzle

Yes I know, I blogged the spinach spätzle not so long ago. So what is this? I am cheating, right? Well…in truth, although technically they are the same thing , in practice they taste very differently because of the ingredients I used. Plus I was dead chuffed with my experimenting and wanted to share it.. Both my pumpkin and beetroot spätzle  were very successful and dead easy to make. Not to speak of their lovely colour: bright orange and bright purple. Ironically I never used the spätzle maker for God knows how long, and in the space of a few weeks I have used it several times. Just like London buses: nothing comes for ages and then three come all at once. Isn’t that what you say? I have got to confess this blog has become my online personal recipe book. Dead convenient to use and much better than the old flying bits of paper and torn up greasy recipe pages from various magazines I used to keep tucked in many notebooks. 


For the beetroot spätzle: 300 gr cooked beetroot (I roasted mine)

For the pumpkin spätzle : 300 gr. roasted pumpkin

2 large eggs

250 gr. 00 flour

5 gr. salt (or more, depending on taste)

ground nutmeg

100 ml. milk


Put either the beetroot or the pumpkin in the food processor together with the eggs, the salt, grated nutmeg and milk. Whizz until you have a creamy mixture.

Put in a bowl and add the flour, stirring well. You should end up with a soft mixture. Let it rest for a little while.

Put the mixture in a spätzle maker over the top of a pan of boiling salted water. Squeeze the mixture out. You’ll end up with worm like looking pasta. They basically cook in seconds. Once they come to the surface they are ready to go.

Dress with melted butter and plenty of grated parmesan.


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4 Responses to “Pumpkin/ beetroot spätzle”

  • Ah ah! Compra tre e paghi uno.
    Da fare anche solo per il colore. Ma dove avrò messo la macchinetta per gli spaztle?

  • Li abbiamo fatti, ma mi chiedo, com’è che i tuoi sono così lunghi?

  • Hi Lucina, my mother, sister and family came for dinner on Saturday so I made Spätzle, but the traditional ones (I haven’t been quite as adventurous as you are, but will try your variations too)! But did I tell you we like to eat them with lentils, and, if you’re not Vegetarian, a pair of Frankfurters. It tastes lovely and is a good source of protein, you could try that one, too!

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