The fabulous grissini torinesi

grissini torinesi

I couldn’t believe how easy these grissini were to make! For the English audience not familiar with the Italian terminology grissini are none other than bread sticks (well…you can see from the picture). I have always loved grissini, particularly the hand made variety from Turin. This is partly because they are objectively gorgeous and partly because they bring back memories of my childhood. My grandparents were Torinesi born and bred and and lived in Turin all their lives. There were always these really long and knobbly grissini on their table. What a treat!  I used to scoff them by the handful. The truth is that once you start eating them there is no stopping you. They are utterly addictive.  Great to have with dips. I followed the recipe from the Sorelle Simili’s book Pane e roba dolce. They vanished in a flash, proof they were indeed truly yummy. Once again I enlisted the help of my 10 years old nephew Ale. While he was here visiting he took a real liking to messing about in the kitchen with me. Every day his first question would be ” And what are we going to bake TODAY, auntie?” Bless him!!! By the way: I am going to disappear for a while. It’s holiday time! Back to the Dolomites. Yes!!

INGREDIENTS (for approx. 4 trays. I halved the dose)

500 gr. plain flour

250-280 gr. water

15. fresh yeast

8 gr. salt

50 gr. olive oil p(lus some more to brush the grissini with)

fine semolina flour


Combine all ingredients and knead for approx. 10 minutes. The dough mustn’t be too soft.

Roll out the dough on a surface where you have sprinkled on some semolina flour and form a rectangle approx. 30×10 cm. Brush the dough with some olive oil then sprinkle some more semolina flour on the top.

Cover and let it rest for approx. 50-60 minutes.

With a deep, sharp knife cut thin strips from the shorter end and pull them with your fingers until you have reached the right length for your tray (get a large one!). I used non stick greaseproof paper to line my trays with. Leave space in between.

Cook at 200 degrees for approx. 18-20 minutes.


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  • Tutto qui??? Ma allora voglio farli anche io. Avrei preso anche uno stampo di silicone per grissini che consigliava di farli in pochi minuti nel microonde. Ma non vale la pena.
    Buona vacanza, Lucina!

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